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Time to Revamp Your Learning Landscape?

With winter almost over it is time to consider a spring clean of your organisational learning landscape. Rather than getting stuck with doing things as you’ve always done, why not take some time out to revamp the way you approach learning and development and re-energise your learners.

This edition of our Optim Learning Solutions newsletter is packed with ideas to help you revamp your organisational learning landscape.

Learning Architecture

Learning Architecture ImageLearning and development initiatives are now such an integral part of an organisation’s success that it makes sense to plan for them in a structured manner. Most organisations tend to do this on an annual cycle by:

Sound like the way you do things?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to design a strategy that focuses and targets learning and development efforts to maximise your investment in learning and development initiatives? An organisational learning architecture defines learning and development requirements over a specific timeframe (normally aligned to Strategic Plans), identifies the learning and delivery approaches to be used and when and where they will be implemented. This type of planning provides a cohesive, structured approach to organisational learning and focuses attention on activities that deliver maximum benefit for the organisation.

Does your organisation have a learning architecture? If not, we’d love to help you design one so that you can get the best ROI for your learning and development initiatives.

Creating a Supportive Learning Environment

One factor that successful companies have in common is a supportive learning environment. They exhibit a culture that encourages their people to learn, grow and apply their new knowledge without the fear of failure. Several ways that you can develop your own supportive learning environment include:

Cascade Your Learning

In some organisations we have noticed the start of an ‘us versus them’ mentality when it comes to learning and development. That is, leaders get one type of training with specific topics and employees get another type of training with other topics. This approach can lead to disengaged learners, limited learning impact and knowledge transference.

By linking all training to your organisational strategy, goals, capabilities and/or competencies you can show learners how all of their learning is related. Regardless of what level within your business a learner is, they can understand how their learning relates to someone else. It also provides the opportunity for leaders to report back to their teams on their learning and have valuable conversations about how it relates to what the team is doing / learning / trying to achieve.

August Tips

Our tips for improving your organisational learning landscape include: